Wonderful Wednesdays (November 12)

Written by Joy Porter, AU student and CCE Fellow.

image of people at Wonderful Wednesdays programUnfortunately, a few of our Wonderful Wednesday folks were under the weather this week, so we had a smaller group at the Porter Center Wednesday afternoon. However, on the bright side, our smaller group enabled us to all play one game together, which we can’t often manage with our larger group. We elected to play a card game called Phase 10 that’s grown in popularity with the Porter folks the last few weeks. In Phase 10, each player tries to get a certain combination (such as four cards of the same number) before their opponents do. After completing a certain combination, you graduate to a new combination (or phase) that you must acquire before your opponents acquire theirs. The winner, then, is the first person who completes all ten of the game’s phases before his or her opponents do. Our game got pretty competitive as everyone raced to finish their phases, and there was a good bit of good-natured ribbing as players were able to one-up their neighbors.

My favorite part of the afternoon, though, was the conversations we held over the game. As the game went on, we all shared stories— some happy and some sad, of games and childhoods and lost loved ones. The conversation flowed easily among our smaller group, and it really reminded me of how much I’ve grown to love Wonderful Wednesdays and the Porter neighborhood. It was a really beautiful way to spend an afternoon.

As much as I enjoyed our smaller group, though, I’ll admit it was a little strange to not see some familiar faces— hopefully everyone will be feeling better next week, and they’ll be able to join us for our next Wonderful Wednesday!


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