Designing Civic Health

View Our Submission to the National Civic Data Challenge!

The National Conference on Citizenship issued a “Civic Data Challenge,” a contest to see what local groups and individuals can do with raw statistical data related to civic health. This project submission developed over several stages, all of which have depended on the practical wisdom that emerges from group collaboration.

Making New Paper From Used Paper for Posters

Exploring the Data and Determining the Messages

Handmaking Posters on the County Courthouse Lawn

Posters Awarded to Thirteen Organizations

Students Present Two Additional Civic Health Awards

Tuskegee News: Macon Students Strive to Improve Civic Health

Alabama School Journal: Notasulga’s Sullen receives Civic Health Award

Tuskegee News: Civic Data Posters Presented to Macon Commission 

Civic Data Challenge Project Featured on Troy Public Radio (July 31, 2012)

Project Wins Honorable Mention in Civic Data Challenge! 



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