Alexis Allen, Notasulga High School

Macon County today is a financially poor, run-down, and unattractive place for Macon County citizens. I personally believe that Macon County can be so much better. It could be better by bringing in big businesses, creating more job opportunities for college graduates, and having a better school system.

Where ever big businesses are the money is there. Let’s say we have a Wal-Mart in all three cities of Macon County. That money could fund our roads, our buildings, and our schools. It would basically rebuild our whole community for us. Then the county wouldn’t be so unattractive any longer.

By allowing college graduates more job opportunities the population would grow. Macon County could expand and a lot of people at this time would be financially abundant because of businesses. Therefore, allowing a huge amount of tax money to go to the cities of Macon County so that they would have the money to expand.

Macon County could be better by having a better school system. We need a better school system to ensure that all students will pass every grade level and graduate high school. We want our children to grow up and be successful. We want them to take over our positions as county and district representative. For them to be able to do this, they need to have a great education from a good school system.

In conclusion, in order for Macon County to be as successful or developed as we want, we must do all those things. We must make our communities attractive so big businesses can move in and develop stores around the county. We must make jobs for our local college graduates. We must also have a better school system in order to build up successful young children. So you see everything ties into how we represent ourselves. I know for a fact that Macon County can be and do better than it is now.


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