Words with Friends (October 27)

Written by Joy Porter, AU student and CCE Fellow.

image from Words with Friends eventThis week we had a little holiday celebration, done the most fun way possible— with word games, of course! So, in honor of Halloween and Thanksgiving, we gave the kids pieces of paper and challenged them to come up with new words from the letters in ‘Happy Halloween and Thanksgiving.’ It quickly turned into a competition to see who could come up with the most words in number and the most inventive words, with prizes awarded to the winners. Once everyone came up with all the words they could think of, we compiled a list of some of their words on this poster board. The kids seemed to have a lot of fun racking their brains to come up with new words and crowed in triumph when they thought of a word that their friends hadn’t thought of yet.

During the rest of our time together, we also worked on some science homework that some of the girls brought, learning all about different kinds of energy. Finally, we also spent some time talking about the trick-or-treating that they would be doing on Friday, as well as the costumes that they had planned for the Halloween festivities that weekend.


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