Words with Friends (November 3)

image from Words with Friends programWritten by Joy Porter, AU student and CCE Fellow.

This past Monday afternoon we found another way to incorporate a fun word game—with Pictionary! We had about eight fourth through sixth graders join us that Monday, so we split them into teams of two. From that point, we gave each team two minutes to have one person draw a word and have their teammates guess the word. If they guessed the word correctly and still had time remaining, they were able to draw another word in the hopes of gaining more points. Each word was worth one point, and the object was to have amassed as many points as possible by the end of our game.

It really was fun to see how competitive the kids got with it and how engaged they were in the game. Everyone clamored for the chance to be their team’s ‘draw-er,’ and, I have to say, the Ridgecrest neighborhood has some seriously talented artists. I was really impressed by the way these kids were able to creatively come up with ways to convey their word. For example, next to the half-spider (that was guessed within a few seconds), one of the kids drew a phone and circled the start button for the word ‘start.’ I never would have thought to do it that way. I probably would’ve tried a badly-drawn race or maze or something instead. These kids have a lot of talent and creativity, and it was fun to see it manifested that afternoon.

In the end, ‘Team 21’ eked out a 14-12 over ‘Team Callie,’ but it looks as though we might have a rematch the next week, so stay tuned!


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