Kiara Robinson, BTW High School, Tuskegee

My name is Kiara Nachelle Robinson. I have lived in Macon County, a small section of Alabama, since I was born.  Over the years life in Macon County has gotten worse. I think that we as a community can change that. I think to better Macon County I would like to get the community to work together and set aside all our issues to help benefit the kids of Macon County.

I would try to build a safe haven for TEENAGERS from violence, gangs, etc.  With the recent outbreak of violence, I feel that my community especially would benefit by having a recreation center that would have activities, gym equipment, and studio equipment that would occupy the time of youth and put their energy to good use.   The recreation center could also offer educational opportunities as well, such as tutors, online courses, GED classes, job placement, college/university enrollment, and much more.  We as Youth do not only need help in our social life but we need help with our education, too.

Next, to make the future better for Macon County, I will volunteer my time, energy, and money. If there is a park clean up day, I will volunteer there. I will volunteer to help local businesses or homes clean graffiti off walls. Get a group of people together and pick up trash on the streets or in planters on the side of the road in your community. I will pick up the trash at local parks. I think we need to get a soup kitchen down here in Macon County and help all the homeless people living here.

Next, I will help restore historical sites. I would like to preserve the history of my community. I would like to keep my community safe by starting neighborhood watches. The members of the community will get involved and look out for one another. If there are suspicious looking people or suspicious activity in the neighborhood, the police will be notified. Neighbors look out for each other to keep their neighborhoods safe.

Lastly, I will get a group of students from my school and we will go around and just help anyone that is in need of help. I think if other kids see us helping the will join in and help too. Helping other is a good way to shape your community and getting it back on the right track.

I love my community and I will do whatever it takes to see it bring a better future for us! I think that the future of Macon County will be good for the kids that are growing up now. I think that it will get better and the violence will cease. If we were to get the parents of all the kids that are going down the wrong path to come to a workshop we can help calm down the violence. I think the future will be better because WE ARE THE FUTURE!!


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