The mission of the Auburn University College of Liberal ArtsCommunity and Civic Engagement Initiative is to create a culture of faculty and student engagement both within and outside the university that will address and solve challenges facing communities. By creating an interface between the scholarly activities of Auburn University faculty and students and the expertise of community partners, Auburn University will strengthen the land grant mission that has promoted a long tradition of scholarly service to the local, regional, national, and international community. The goals of the Community and Civic Engagement Initiative are:

  • to continue this Auburn tradition of service and scholarship;
  • to further collaboration among the diverse disciplines in the College of Liberal Arts;
  • to highlight the unique outreach activities initiated by our faculty and students;
  • to provide a context for the creation of shared knowledge between Auburn University and its multiple community partners;
  • to advance community-engaged scholarship;
  • and to provide students with the skills to become effective local and global citizens.

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  1. I love having a window into these community programs. I am so proud of this side of Auburn University. In these times, it is great to see a University strenghtening their efforts to graduate good citizens. These are great examples of how a university can nuture grassroots democracy !

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