Wonderful Wednesdays (October 8)

Written by Joy Porter, AU student and CCE Fellow.

image from Wonderful Wednesdays programThe Return of Bingo!

Back by popular demand, Bingo has returned to Wonderful Wednesdays at the Porter neighborhood!

After weeks of lobbying, this past week we once again played Bingo. As you can see from the photograph, the game is a big hit with the Porter folks, with one of our regular attendees, Ms. Virginia Scoggins, providing the Bingo cards from her own collection. Everyone played at least two (with some handling as many as three or four) cards, as they sought to best their neighbors and win the awesome prizes provided by the Auburn Public Housing Authority and various community image from Wonderful Wednesdays programsponsors. After all of our rounds, everyone won at least once, taking home different rewards such as baseball caps, water bottles, and backpacks. Our biggest winner of the afternoon was Ms. Ruth Lockhart, who won three different rounds, much to the chagrin of some of her competitors.

All in all, it was a really fun afternoon. Unfortunately, we won’t hold Wonderful Wednesdays this week, but we’ll be back the week after!


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