Quanisha Blackmon, BTW High School, Tuskegee

The future of Macon County rests in our hands, and we all must act now. Macon County has brilliant leaders, teachers, lawyers, artists, musicians and performers, farmers, and intelligent citizens with the ability to learn and to take this county to a whole new level.

The first thing the future of Macon County needs is to get our adults back to work, even if it simply means having quality people in place to start GED classes and trade schools that will provide cooking, swimming, craft work, computer, and upholstery classes. And these jobs can be right here in Macon County.

The second thing the future of Macon County needs is to establish a decent place for our youth to go for entertainment. Talent shows with singing, dancing, and art will capture our youth’s time and let them show off their talents. We need something exciting on our resume’ along with an outstanding high school diploma.

Thirdly, we need to give this county a make-over. The crime rate in our county is too high and out of control. A county as small as Macon County with most people knowing each other shouldn’t be facing these problems. Our community must stand strong and bring crime to an end. Our lawmakers need to get out, talk to our community, and let criminals and the citizens of Macon County know that it’s time to do better. We need to stop hurting one another and demolishing our town; we all can make a difference and fix these problems.

Macon County can produce, become skillful, gain self confidence, come out of being blind and shy in character to have the ability to expand our knowledge, wisdom, and principles to develop our county’s economy, families, education, recreation, and religion so that we can redefine this county right now. This county has a sight for going beyond this bump in the road. We all must play a leading role in the future of Macon County. Let’s roll over the bump in the road and Macon will have a future.


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