Elizabeth Graham, BTW High School, Tuskegee

 In 1963 President John F. Kennedy stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”  These words have been quoted numerous times and are just as effective today as they were then.  The quote is even more effective when applied to situations on a smaller scale and within ourselves.  I am concerned with what young citizens of Macon County can do today, which will enable everyone to have a more progressive future. I am speaking to today’s youth.

We should become actively involved with our elected officials and seek their assistance.  We should do this by attending county commission meetings as often as they are held.  We should inquire about and present on issues of concern.  Young people should speak especially to the commissioner elected to represent their district.  Most importantly, when it is time to register to vote, do it.

We must volunteer our service at school, church and community. These three institutions are considered the most important of any county.  We should be visible and willing to take on an extra project to improve these areas. A campaign can be as simple as cleaning up the area.  Alabama is beautiful, and Macon County is a part of Alabama.  When visitors enter the county line, cleanliness should be the first impression they get of the county, and it could be a determining factor to decide if they would like to bring in business, large or small or to live here.

People helping people has been the start of some of our biggest businesses in America.  Macon County needs the bright ideas, energy and hard work of its youth to continue to grow.   Macon County’s youth need the support of our elected officials to provide more programs which will continue to build the integrity of young people, so that one day they will become elected officials.

In any county as large as Macon there should be a medical facility that can accommodate a large group of people diverse in race, religion, occupation, as well as other aspects affecting the medical attention provided.   There have been several attempts to provide our county with such a facility.  Presently, we do have a medical arts facility that provides doctor visits.  This facility mostly accommodates citizens who live within ten or fifteen miles of the city limits.   What about the outstanding number of citizens who live further out in the county?  The majority of this group of citizens seek health care outside of Macon County.  In five years or less, this group of citizens will include me and you.  Let us start today to become involved in our future.  As young people, we can bring the life into our county.  We do have something to say, so let us begin to say it to the right people.

Unemployment is an issue in every state, city, county and town.  Here we seem to have more than our share to deal with.  It is up to us to decrease the number of citizens who are not gainfully employed. I want to see Macon County thrive in the future.  I want to be able to live comfortably and give back to my community.  I want to be a part of that future.  My goal is to become a veterinarian and hopefully open a small animal clinic, right here in Macon County.  Let’s start small and continue to grow as large as we possibly can to put a dent in the unemployment statics.

The most important area of concern for Macon County’s future is to provide a safe environment for all its citizens.  There are not enough law enforcement officers here.  The issue is not that they are not doing a good job, but the citizens would feel safer with more manpower visible.  Often you may see the city police patrolling the streets, but how often do you see the deputy sheriffs patrolling the county roads?

Become involved in your future Macon County today. Be the change you want to see in the future; speak up; make changes; share positive ideas and be willing to work overtime for the best place to live in Alabama.  We are the future of Macon County.


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