Wonderful Wednesdays (October 29)

Written by Joy Porter, AU student and CCE Fellow.

image from Wonderful Wednesdays programIt was a hauntingly fun Wednesday afternoon at Porter Center— to get into the holiday spirit, we played the crowd-favorite Bingo. Ms. Virginia Scoggins is a serious Bingo player and was nice enough to loan us her set of cards. Ms. Scoggins is the one pictured in the witch’s cloak and hat. She loves Halloween and says she always goes all out for the holiday. She told me she normally wins at least one costume contest each year, which no wonder with the rest of her costume, which involved painting her face green, wearing a fake nose, and a skull-topped walking cane. We also asked the rest of the Porter folks what they would be doing for the holiday—many of them planned on watching scary movies or spending it with their children and grandchildren.

And it wouldn’t be Halloween Bingo without some treats for our Wonderful Wednesday folks, so everyone randomly selected a prize, getting anything from an arts and crafts set and lip balm to a dinner for two at Cracker Barrel. Our Halloween Bingo was a lot of fun, and I hope we’ll be able to do something equally special for our other holidays.


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