Quincy Bentley, Notasulga High School

The Future of Macon County is in the hands of working class citizens who care about their town and community. For it to be successful, they have to get their priorities straight. Important issues include the following: schools have a shortage of funds; the students need a central location to collaborate on issues; and the county needs to develop land around Interstate 85 to attract business and other citizens.

There are too many schools in Macon County. Some of the schools need to be closed down so that we can have an even amount of students in each age group. We need more programs other than football and basketball so that parents and students can get more involved in things such as  plays, trips, parents/student lunch, dances, track, ROTC, debate team, Glee Club, and many more. Kids love to be involved, so if they show kids that its more than those two sports, they can adventure more to the world.

There is not a lot to do in Macon County. There needs to be a place where students from all over the county can be at one time. This will help establish a sense of community. Students are the future of Macon County, and they need a place to talk about current issues. This will help turn today’s students into tomorrow’s leaders. The more time that we spend now working through issues, then the better off we will be in the future. Something may came up in the conversation they would like to see in Macon county: a movies theater, skating rink, bowling alley, parks, and other thing for the kids and teens can do. Any if that can happen many kids wouldn’t be in the house playing games or getting into any trouble with the law. Parents wouldn’t have to worry about them doing anything illegal.

Interstate 85 is a very important road to Macon county.  It leads to our state capital, Auburn, and Atlanta. Most people travel that interstate, and they don’t see too many businesses in our area.  If new businesses move into Macon, then that will create more jobs, which will help Macon’s economy. Furthermore, if businesses move in and have success, then this will be very helpful in attracting other companies into the county. Before you know it, the land around the interstate could become the location for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of jobs. If Macon County grows, not only can it become a great place to live, but it can become a major factor in state politics. The location of Macon County is prime considering the fact that it is located right next to the state capital. If Macon County grows, this will cause more money to flow into the schools which will make them better. The fact that the school system will be good will attract even more citizens to Macon County. The good education system, as a result of the jobs around the interstate, will be beneficial for everyone.

In this conclusion, we are the future and it is time for us to step up and make our mark on Macon County. Because with young great minds like ours, we have a lot of great ideas for Macon county. With support, there will be a place where kids can collaborate on issues and come with some positive thinking and great ideas. And have a better education and teacher that are motivating kids to succeed in life and have hope for themselves. I hate to see talents in Macon County go to waste. And if we all just step in and lend a hand, we can be even better.  So I am writing this essay to let you know how I feel about Macon County and what can change and happen for the better. We all are one and we need to act like it and not stop going against one another in judgment. Let’s just lift each other up and not tear each other down and make this the best county that people have ever seen.


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