Words with Friends (September 22)

Written by Joy Porter, AU student and CCE Fellow.

image from Words with Friends program

Left to right: Auburn student Callie Shepherd and community partner Charlotte Mattox, the Housing Authority’s FSS/Social Services Coordinator

You heard it here first: Scrabble is taking the Ridgecrest neighborhood by storm!

Okay, so it’s probably a little early to make big pronouncements like that, but, even though we’re only in our second official week, we’ve already had a good number of kids join us for some word games and snacks in our Monday afternoon program. This week, we had all the kids from last week return, and they brought a few friends with them. Hopefully, we’ll be able to continue this trend, adding a few new students each week.

The kids we’ve been working with are mainly elementary- and junior high-age, so we’re still in the instruction stage of figuring out the game. Towards the end, we got a few good games going— Callie and I played two little girls from Ridgecrest, and we had a lot of fun. Some of the answers in our game got a little silly— it’s funny, I never knew there were quite so many words that had each a Q and X and K in them! In all seriousness, though, it was a lot of fun to see the girls get into the game and to stretch their creativity as they told us all about the meanings and origins of their invented words. Next week, though, we may try to get a few more words from the dictionary on the board!


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