Words with Friends (September 15)

Written by Joy Porter, AU student and CCE Fellow.

Words with Friends volunteer

Ellie Porter, volunteer

Well, our ‘Words with Friends’ program began in earnest this week in the Ridgecrest neighborhood, and it was so much fun! We had a good number of fifth and sixth graders join us on Monday afternoon for some Scrabble and some afternoon snacks. We had kids come from all stages of Scrabble experience— some who had grown up playing with their families, to those who had played it occasionally, to some who had never heard of the game.  For the first week, we paired the Ridgecrest students up with an Auburn or Housing Authority volunteer to help them get a feel for the game before we start our tournament. Early on, we played casually, more focused on learning or re-learning the rules. As the game went on, however, and the students got more comfortable, these games got intense as the students tried to outdo their friends with the most impressive word.

We broke into two games, with two teams competing against each other in each game. At our table we talked about what our favorite classes were, and the student who was on my team told me about how much she loved to read. That love of reading definitely came in handy during the game. She had a great vocabulary and a really good eye for pulling words out of our jumble of letters. We didn’t keep score this week, but if we had, I definitely think she would have been our winner!


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