Incoming Auburn University Students Participate in Poverty Simulation

People participating in poverty simulationMany incoming Auburn University freshmen participated in a poverty simulation on Monday, August 11.  The event was sponsored by Alabama Possible, the Auburn University Honors College, and the Auburn University Office of Public Service.  It provided an eye-opening experience for many of the incoming freshmen.  During the simulation, students assumed roles of citizens living near and under the poverty line.  They learned the difficulty of managing funds when money is scarce, and they also discovered the consequences of not paying bills.  For example, the simulation featured mock evictions to show the students what happens when rent and mortgage payments are People participating in poverty simulationnot on time.  Additionally, it helped the students realize the difficulty of managing a plethora of responsibilities, such as children and work, when money is limited.

The goal of the simulation was to provide insight regarding the way in which thousands of Alabama citizens live on a daily basis.  The simulation provided the students a unique perspective on life that should raise awareness on the important issue of poverty.poverty simulation material


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