2014 RISE UP Summer Academy Visits Auburn

Written by Blake Evans, AU Graduate Assistant.

Students talking with Auburn University instructorA group of Montgomery-area high school students participating in the 2014 RISE UP Summer Academy met with Auburn University instructor and PhD student John Hall on Friday morning to discuss their college plans.  The RISE UP Summer Academy is a program that concentrates on preparing Montgomery students for college through ACT test preparation, college visits, and many other preparation practices.

Rise Up Summer Academy talks to Auburn University instructorJohn Hall, part of the University’s Political Science Department, provided words of wisdom to the students before answering their questions.  He began by stating that one of the most important characteristics of a successful college student is excellent class attendance, advice that he repeated frequently.  Unlike in high school, college students cannot rely on frequent parental guidance to remind them to attend class and complete assignments.  Rise Up Summer Academy talks to Auburn University instructorInstead, students must learn to correctly prioritize their lives and schedule their time appropriately.  Hall continued to say that if students would be diligent about how they disperse their time, making sure to accomplish their most important goals first, college would not be overwhelming.  In fact, superior time management can increase the amount of fun that students have.  Hopefully, Hall’s words of wisdom will be remembered by the students as they enter their college careers.


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