Notasulga High School Students Present to Town Council

Written by Blake Evans, AU Graduate Assistant.

Notasulga Council 2On Monday, April 21, 2014, three students and two teachers from Notasulga High School attended a Notasulga Town Council meeting to present information about the STEAM garden that students and teachers are constructing.  The STEAM garden is being created to advance Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics at Notasulga High School.  In the near future, the students envision that the space will serve as an outdoor ecology classroom, an art garden, and an area where events and farmers’ markets can be held.  Mr. Lyda and Mrs. Antoniak are the two teachers guiding the project.  Mr. Lyda instructs music and art, and Mrs. Antoniak teaches science.

Members of Notasulga's Town Council and the Mayor (left), review materials the students presented.

Members of Notasulga’s Town Council and the Mayor (left), review materials the students presented.

One of the main goals of the students and teachers is for the garden to be a bridge that connects the school and community.  The students made that point clear when they presented to the Notasulga Town Council and the numerous citizens who were in attendance.  As Kobe Tolbert, one of the students who presented, stated, “The City Council meeting was a tremendous experience where we could express our ideas and have the community become more involved in our ideas.”  Furthermore, the students explained to the Council that future high school students will contribute to the space in the future, thereby signifying a healthy, growing relationship between the school and community.

Notasulga Council 3The students are continuing work on the outdoor space, and they hope to have a ribbon cutting ceremony for their school and community in late May.  At that point, the space will contain mosaic tile benches, decorative stepping stones, and planters with fruits and vegetables.  To watch and listen to the students explain the details of the space, please watch the video that can be found by clicking here.


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