Macon Citizens Group: Leadership Night

Written by Chardae Caine, AU Community and Civic Engagement Capstone Student.

Notasulga LeadershipOn Monday, March 31, 2014, I hosted a Leadership Night at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Notasulga, Alabama.  The event was held from 6:00-7:30 pm.  Students from Macon County gathered to have dinner, and they spent the remainder of their time working through an exciting leadership curriculum that focused on improving teamwork skills. Immediately following dinner, the group played Kum-cha, which was a five minute ice breaker. The game is a mind teaser in which you have to pay attention to the person who has the “power” for those few seconds in case they hand the “power” to you.  After that, we moved on to Kerplex, which is a team-building Legos game.  The students were randomly divided into three groups. The game required that each group select at least one person to play each role.  The five roles were leader, communicator, collector, builder, and observer. The game’s objective was for each team to build a Lego toy based on a premade toy. Notasulga Leadership 2However, the game requires each player to fulfill a different role. The leader was the only person who got to see the pre-made toy.  The communicator was supposed to get information on how to build the toy from the leader and then pass it on to the collector and builder.  The collector’s job was to gather parts from a mock store based on the information.  The builder’s job was to construct the toy with the parts he or she received and the directions given from the communicator.  The observer could see everything, but could not speak. Each group had its own strategy, and each got relatively close to the pre-made toy. Each team worked together to achieve its goal.  The game was not about getting the toy exactly as the pre-made one looked, but about working together to complete a task.  After the game was over, I distributed some candy for the students to take home as a keepsake.


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