Appalachia 2014: Sunday

IMG_1247Sundays in the mountains are good for rest and exploration, especially with the beautiful weather we enjoyed.  We visited Clairfield Missionary Baptist Church for their morning service and received more hugs and handshakes in an hour than most people receive in a month.  In the afternoon, we drove through two different coal mining operations.  Guards look after equipment on the weekends, but thankfully one large dumptruck (probably inoperable) was far enough away for us to explore firsthand.  Inside the mining operation is Pruden Cemetery, and we’ll be doing some work there on Monday.

IMG_0889The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting Randall’s goats, hiking on the hills near CCI, getting things together for fishing (we’ll need more than the 6 worms found), and playing with puppies.  The Notre Dame group arrived, and we are enjoying getting to know those six students.  CCI staff prepared an excellent dinner for us, and a local gentleman came by later to play some great songs he has written.  Enough rest and relaxation.  Monday morning, we work.

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