Auburn Housing Authority Professional Development Program

Written by Blake Evans, AU Graduate Assistant.

Housing Authority 1The Auburn Housing Authority (AHA) is working in collaboration with Auburn University students to host weekly professional development workshops that focus on preparing participants for the GED, ACT, and for job market.  The GED test provides people who pass it the equivalent of a high school diploma, and the ACT is a college-entrance exam for students who are applying to colleges.  Furthermore, participants of the AHA’s workshops are also encouraged to create and revise their resumes to equip them with a tool that is essential to the process of job hunting.

On Thursday, February 20, public housing residents gathered to participate in one of the AHA’s workshops.  Those who were there to prepare for the GED and ACT concentrated on subjects such as math and social science.  Participants brushed up on their knowledge of long division, percentages, and their knowledge of American government.  Those residents who chose to create and improve their resumes worked with Mrs. Charlotte Mattox, AHA Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator.  Mrs. Mattox guided residents through information regarding the best ways to write and format resumes, including information about what sections should be included on a resume.

The AHA and Auburn University are looking forward to continuing the professional development workshops for the next few months.  The program is providing public housing residents a chance to work together to increase their human capital by equipping themselves with skills need to succeed in both college and the workforce.  The next workshop will be held on Thursday, February 27.


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