Live Staking to Build Healthy Streambanks

IMG_0680Students in LBAR 3910: Practicum in Liberal Arts spend some time “live-staking” a section of Parkerson Mill Creek on the campus of Auburn University with Dr. Eve Brantley and colleague Kaye Christian.  Live stakes are dormant woody vegetation placed into a streambank to reduce further erosion and promote stream stability.  The process is natural and inexpensive, completely cost-free if you harvest your own stakes from existing native species.  

IMG_0685When these students travel to Eagan and Clairfield, Tennessee over spring break,  they will work with local residents to live stake sections of the Clearfork River, especially the sections below and above the unfortunate Y Hollow Bridge.  Our friends from the Clearfork Community Institute–Marie Cirillo, Marie Webster, Sam Marlow, and Jesse Scott–visited a stream restoration project in Auburn this past November, where Eve and partners with the City of Auburn have worked to find natural solutions to repair stream banks that exist in our city.  Our friends from the mountains know all too well the importance of finding natural ways to repair human impact on streams and rivers.

IMG_0708In a few short weeks, the live stakes will bud out, establish deep roots, and be a part of the firm foundation that keeps water flowing through Parkerson Mill Creek and further into the watershed that connects us all.

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