Notasulga Students Collaborate on School Project (Week 3)

Written by Blake Evans, AU Graduate Assistant.

Notasulga meeting 3Notasulga High School students met this week to further develop plans for an upcoming project.  Specifically, their deliberative efforts brought them to the conclusion that the best project for their school to produce is a one-day festival that includes a basketball tournament and a 5k run.  Plans are still in the early stages, but the students have narrowed their efforts to reflect an event that their student body and community will be proud of and participate in.  The students plan to use the event as a fundraiser that will in some way benefit their school.

The next phase is to detail the steps that must be taken to produce the tournament and 5k run.  For example, project proposals must be written and presented to their principal and to the Notasulga City Council.  Additionally, the students will develop an advertising plan that targets basketball players, runners, and audience members.  Also, since the event will probably take up the better part of a day, strategies must be devised to recruit vendors to provide a lunch option for people in attendance.

Thus far, the students have excelled at working together to brainstorm and plan an event that should excite their community and bring Notasulga citizens together.  They have increased their teamwork and communication skills through collaborating with each other to come to the best conclusions.  In the near future, the students will improve their writing and presentation skills when they outline and articulate their project plans through written and oral proposals and through the development of a comprehensive advertising plan.


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