Notasulga Students Collaborate on School Project (Week 2)

Written by Blake Evans, AU Graduate Assistant.

notasulga meeting 2 picture 1Notasulga High School students held their second meeting to discuss the developments of a school-focused, student-led project on Monday, January 27.  Last week, the students talked about the strengths they share as a group, and they also listed the strengths of their overall school.  They consider those strengths to be assets that can be used to complete a successful project.  This week, the students talked about qualities of their school that could be improved through the utilization of their available assets.

Two specific goals of the students are to encourage their student body to live up to its potential and to increase the amount of hands-on learning at Notasulga High.  The details regarding how to achieve these lofty goals are pending further discussion, but the students have completed a very important phase in the process of organizing a school-focused project.  They have considered the overarching public good (In this case, their public is their school.), they have inventoried their personal skills, they have assessed their co-students’ skills, and they have entered the beginning stages of using their collected knowledge to plan a practical project.  In other words, they are entering phase two of their project, which is the planning phase.

The planning phase will require the students to collaborate and deliberate with each other to determine how to allocate their assets to achieve the best possible outcome.  The second meeting provided students about five minutes to begin this process.  In one fast-paced brainstorming session, ideas such as hosting a school talent show and organizing a basketball tournament to raise funds were mentioned.  In the next meeting, students will continue brainstorming, and they will also begin to analyze what the end product should achieve.  They must learn to successfully analyze whether their plans are targeting one of the areas they want to improve.  Once they do that, they will be prepared to begin detailing specific project steps.


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