Tuskegee Public School Receives “Vocation Quilt”

Quilt_Tuskege PublicAuburn University student Gabrielle Lamplugh presented Tuskegee Public School principal Joseph Asberry an art piece created by Lee and Macon County children on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.  An Auburn University team of students, along with student volunteers from Tuskegee University, held a Macon County History and Culture Camp at the Tuskegee Human & Civil Rights Multicultural Center for twenty-one children ages 6 to 12 on September 28, where children contributed to the quilt.

Students organized the camp as part of the Appalachian Teaching Project of the Appalachian Regional Commission, a consortium of colleges and universities that provide unique community learning experiences for students.  Children participated in five rotations on the topics of Native American history and culture, the music of Macon County, artist Isaac Scott Hathaway, the Civil Rights Movement, and the early life and character development of Booker T. Washington.  As part of the Washington rotation, children drew pictures of possible future vocations, connecting–as Washington did–their vocation with the betterment of society



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