Be You: A Citizen Photography Project (Celebration Day)

written by Mary Day, CCE Capstone student

capstone blog 2To conjure up enough words to accurately describe and articulate what “Be You” has accomplished seems impossible.  Maggie Moore, vice president of CCE Club, said it best that “sometimes it takes a child with a camera to exemplify the potential everyone holds within themselves.” The members of CCE Club and the other volunteers agree that they have learned more from these children than thought possible.  The environments the children are reared call for a hurried maturity level and view of surroundings. These children grow up too fast with little opportunity to truly express who they are as an individual.  The photographs these children captured are breathtaking in the depth and artistic capstone blog 3skill. “Be You” wanted to give that chance, that opportunity, to be an individual. Over the course of the semester, not only have the volunteers grown, they have witnessed each child begin to find who they are, their passions, and begin to fulfill their potential.  At the Celebration, they children were recognized and praised for their wonderful, enthusiastic participation.  Mr. Eastman surprised the children by announcing that the photographs will be hung in the main lobby of the Housing Authority’s office to showcase their achievements and skill. Mary Afton Day, in reflection, stated, “I wouldn’t trade a single smile, cup of goldfish, or photo shoot for anything. This semester has helped me grow as an individual. These children are above and beyond talented and full of potential. They will be leaders, and great ones at that. I can’t wait to see what great things they will accomplish.” Community and Civic Engagement Club capstone blog 1thanks Mrs. Charlotte Mattox and Mr. Eastman for Auburn Housing Authority’s sponsorship and overwhelming, wonderful support. “Be You” would not have been a success without the Ridgecrest Community.  Auburn Housing Authority and CCE Club look forward to the Spring Semester to begin another great after-school program.


Find your voice. Have courage. Be You. 


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