Be You: A Citizen Photography Project

written by Mary Day, CCE Capstone student

capstone blog week 6 2 The time has dwindled down to the last few weeks of the capstone project, Be
. Mary Afton planned a two-part final activity where the children choose one of the many pictures they have taken throughout the semester to showcase to the community.  Vice president, Maggie, and the other volunteers were amazed at the beauty of each child’s photographs.  Once the decision was made at which picture best described who they were as an individual, the children were tasked to write a paragraph explaining what the picture was of, why they chose it and what it means to them. One in particular, Jamiyah’s photograph and written response encompassed individuality, familial love, and honor—all through a crepe myrtle bloom. Not to spoil the final product, Jamiyah wrote, “…[this is] the best picture capstone blog week 6I have taken…this picture reminds me of my granddad…” The maturity and intellect of these children continues to astound.  Ms. Charlotte Mattox, from awe and joy, asked Community and Civic Engagement Club to continue their afternoon presence on Tuesday afternoons for the remaining time in the semester.  Though the Be You project will conclude with a celebration on Tuesday, November 12, the partnership, the relationships and the memories will be sustained.  Next week, the children will make the final touches on their paragraphs and works of art for the celebration the following Tuesday.


One response to “Be You: A Citizen Photography Project

  1. Very good idea Dr. Wilson. Let us all be happy that someone cares enough to serve the under privileged of our Auburn Family. It is great leaders like Maggie and Ms. Mattox that give children hope for a better tomorrow. The seeds that CCEN Club has planted will be fertilized and grow into remarkable things.

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