ACT Preparation in Macon County: Week 5

written by Blake Evans, Graduate Assistant

act prep 2The final ACT prep class of the academic semester was held at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Tuesday, October 22.  Many familiar faces were there to polish their test-taking skills one last time before some of them took the ACT on Saturday.  The final session was designed as a time for students to ask any questions they might have regarding any subject on the exam.  Most of the night was spent working math problems and practicing reading-comprehension; however, we made sure to mix in some time for fun.  Students were rewarded for their commitment and diligence with pizza and cupcakes and the conclusion of the night.

act prep 1It should be noted that the ACT prep course could not have been possible without the help of Mrs. Cathy Jones and Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church.  They recruited the students who attended each week, and they provided food for the students following every session.  Furthermore, Mrs. Jones, along with other members of the church, attended each meeting, and they made sure Gabrielle Lamplugh, an AU student who helped lead the course, and I felt welcome every time we walked through the church doors.  They are much appreciated for their efforts and hard work.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate how diligently the course participants worked.  They came prepared to learn each and every night, and I am highly confident that their efforts will be rewarded with high ACT scores.


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