ACT Preparation in Macon County: Week 4

written by Blake Evans, College of Liberal Arts Graduate Assistant

act prep week 4Science was the focus of the ACT prep class on Tuesday, October 15.  Students prepared for one of the toughest parts of the ACT by learning how to quickly and efficiently sort through an overabundance of dense data to find the most important information.  Furthermore, the students gained confidence in their abilities to excel on the test.  The ACT exam does not require test-takers to have the knowledge of nuclear physicists, but it does require that students are attentive, focused, and prepared to utilize lessons learned in middle-school science.  Each one of the Macon County participants is more than capable of making a good score on the Science portion of the exam, and I could tell that each student began to believe in his or her abilities more and more with each practice question that was reviewed.  Their confidence, along with their knowledge of the subject, should lead to high science scores on the ACT.

This Tuesday is the fifth, and final, ACT prep session at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Tuskegee.  It will be a comprehensive review of the ACT, and I know each student will be focused and ready to brush up on any confusing areas before some of them take the ACT on Saturday.


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