Be You: A Citizen Photography Project (Week 3)

written by Mary Afton Day, CCE Capstone student

be you week 3Over the weeks, each student has been discovering and sharing who they believe they are as an individual.  They’ve written, sketched, and photographed their many quirks—each unique and personal.  They started with their names, followed by their favorites, and now, finding themselves, the things they enjoy, in the nature and items around them.  On Tuesday, October 1, the participants took to the neighborhood, cameras in hand tasked with creating something out of nothing.  The children spelled their names with various objects that took the shape of letters, learned how to use lighting and angles to focus on items such as their favorite climbing tree, and made it known if they were “a house divided” or “all in.”  Each week, recycling the previous week’s activity opened up an avenue for conversation about what unique means to each of these children.  When asked to define “unique” and “Individual” each participant had a different view.  One that held its own amongst the plethora was Janiya’s answer.  Janiya stated, “I think being unique means be yourself, be polite, and help people.”  Janiya lived out her definition by partnering with the youngest in our group, Jamiyah, with her picture taking. A personality should not be contained.  These children should embrace their individuality, and so far, by their photographs, they are indded, very comfortable in their own skin.  Next week, the children will focus on leadership.  They will discuss and recreate what they think is leadership and where they’ve seen and where they’ve been a leader.


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