Be You: A Citizen Photography Project (Week 2)

written by Mary Afton Day, CCE Capstone student

be you week 2 picture 1What’s your favorite movie? Do you have a favorite food or hobby? This past Tuesday, the children of the Ridgecrest Community answered with various topics, ideas, and objects that make their favorites unique and personal.  Club president, Mary Afton Day, vice president, Maggie Moore and club volunteer, Alex Daigle, enjoyed learning new things not only about the kids, but about themselves as well. Jamila, a sixth grader, said, “I’m not sure I have anything unique about me…except the thing I can do with my toes!” The volunteers and fellow children were able to share with one another as well has explore the world of candid photography. The Community and Civic Engagement Club’s partner, Ms. Charlotte Mattox, had nothing but smiles and warm welcomes. She said, “It’s be you week 2 picture 2such a blessing to have you all here!” The Auburn Housing Authority has been nothing but supportive of the efforts of Community and Civic Engagement Club to establish a lasting partnership with the housing community as well as the children.  Next week, Tuesday, October 1, the children and volunteers will take the Ridgecrest streets by storm with cameras in hand to capture their favorite things. Community and Civic Engagement Club and Mrs. Mattox would love for you to be a part of this artistic self-expression project.  Bring yourself and a camera and be ready for fun! War Eagle.


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