ACT Preparation in Macon County: Week 3

written by Blake Evans, College of Liberal Arts Graduate Assistant

Macon County ACTTuesday, October 1, marked the third meeting of ACT preparation classes at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church in Macon County.  The students and participants are continuing to make progress on their journeys to high ACT scores, and I can tell they are becoming more confident by the week.  In just the short amount of time we have been meeting, I have heard multiple students comment about how aspects of the test, such as math, have become easier.  Their comprehension is steadily increasing, and I know they are learning more and more with each meeting.

We concentrated on the English portion of the ACT Tuesday night.  Specifically, there was much attention paid to grammar rules involving apostrophes, commas, colons, semicolons, and many other elements of the English language.  One of the most difficult dynamics of English is the fact that there are so many exceptions to grammar rules.  Slightly different cases and scenarios require completely different punctuation, and this can cause confusion for students.  However, the Macon County students and participants were unfazed, and their attention to detail was exemplary.  I am highly confident their mastery of the English language will be shown through excellent ACT scores.


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