Macon County Students Celebrate Community Connection

Gomillion Building 007by Blake Evans
College of Liberal Arts Graduate Assistant

On Sunday June 2, high school students from Macon County came together on Auburn University’s campus to jump-start their Macon County Citizens Camp experience.  These students began their week by working with Ms. Kay Stone, Outreach Program Administrator for the AU Environmental Institute, to design and develop decorative mosaic glass tile stepping stones.  The tile-making process provided students a unique opportunity to express their artistic abilities while creating products which symbolize a significant connection between themselves and their community.

Gomillion Building 006As part of the Macon Citizens Camp, students read and analyzed a speech entitled “First Class Citizenship: The Tuskegee Crusade for Civic Democracy” by Dr. Charles G. Gomillion, a former professor at Tuskegee Institute and a well-known civil rights activist.  Their analysis proved enlightening, and they gained a profound appreciation for Dr. Gomillion’s work.  Specifically, they gained an understanding of civic democracy, and they learned the importance of promoting civic education.

Gomillion Building 004To symbolize their dedication to the values of democracy promoted by Dr. Gomillion, Johanna Key, a student representative who participated in the Macon County Citizens Camp, presented the mosaic tile stepping stones to employees at the Gomillion Building in Tuskegee on Wednesday, June 19.  Currently, the Gomillion Building serves as the home for Macon County-Tuskegee Public Library and multiple city offices, including the Economic and Community Development Department.  The students hope the tiles provide a bright, colorful welcome to visitors while also symbolizing an important and living relationship between Tuskegee and its youth.


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