Building Bridges in Macon County: February 5

Macon County high school juniors and seniors, many of whom are fulfilling requirements for Bridge Builders Alabama, meet every other Tuesday night at Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Highway 81 between Notasulga and Tuskegee.  Auburn University undergraduates work alongside them, as they develop skills related to life, work, and college.  The program is funded in part by the Appalachian Regional Commission.

IMG_8226 Our mosaic tile benches project became messy tonight!  Three of our high school students were able to come to Auburn to work with college students Beth Givens and Kadedra Smith and Kay Stone of the AU Environmental Institute. Students designed the benches and glued the glass pieces to the surface.  Tonight students grouted the benches and learned something about the fine art of masonry work in the process.

IMG_8232Like many things in life, grouting depends on lots of detail, and the process can’t be rushed. Students made sure every groove had grout, and every glass surface was cleared from grout. Kay taught students to look for the haze that appears on glass after being wiped down and to polish the glass until it shines with pride.

IMG_8234 Ms. Kay has many critter friends at the Environmental Institute, and there’s always time to learn something new about reptiles, insects, mammals, etc.  The guinea pigs are quite cute, and they speak when held appropriately.  Thanks, Kay, for the helping our students become artists, learn about the natural world, and improve our East Alabama community through the construction of beautiful mosaic tile benches!

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