Developing Social Entrepreneurs: January 31


The Dean’s Conference Room in Tichenor Hall turned into a laboratory for new, self-sustainable ideas with a social purpose, thanks to a great turnout for a social entrepreneurship workshop with students, faculty, staff, and members of the Auburn community.

IMG_8210The workshop was led by CCE Student Club President Mary Afton Day, Brin Enterkin of the African SOUP non-profit organization, Dr. Sandra Clark-Lewis of the Department of Communication Disorders, and Rebecca Camarigg of the  Algernon Sydney Sullivan Foundation. The Foundation sponsors social entrepreneurship retreats, and our organizers gave us a small introduction to that event through the development of a  business model canvas, a tool designed to help social entrepreneurs turn their passion into a sustainable organization.

IMG_8221Sandra discussed her work with AU communication disorder students and street children in Guatemala, and Brin told her amazing story of entrepreneurship beginning in high school (yes, high school), throughout college and beyond.  Her adventure included traveling the world to document the work of social entrepreneurs.  We look forward to following the journeys of the students who participated, talked through their ideas using the business model canvas, and will one day be graduates who are making innovative contributions in the world.


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