Building Bridges in Macon County: December 10

IMG_7483On Monday, December 10, several of our students visited Salem Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Tuskegee to play Isaac Scott Hathaway bingo and spread a little holiday cheer.  The bingo game was created by an Auburn student who participated in the Appalachian Teaching Project, and you can learn more about Hathaway—an important artist and sculptor who worked for much of his career in this area—at

Salem residents enjoyed several rounds of Hathaway bingo, receiving fresh oranges and apples as prizes.  Residents shared a few Christmas memories, and it’s always interesting for young people to learn what elders received from Santa when they were young. Auburn student Beth Givens led us in making a Christmas ornament using strips of holiday-themed cloth and pipe cleaners—and glue, lots of glue. Residents enjoyed the help and conversation from students, and they left the table with a really neat cloth candy cane to hang on one of the many trees at the Center.

IMG_7473We sang a few Christmas carols, led by Janetta, mother of our student Janae.  Special thanks to all, especially Allison at the Center, for allowing our students to visit and share with Salem resident.


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