Nov 2: Alba Middle School Students on the Plains

Angela Cleary, senior interdisciplinary studies major and 2011-12 Living Democracy student, coordinated an event for young friends and their chaperones on Friday, November 2, 2012.

After learning so much in Bayou La Batre, Ala. this summer and bringing back memories to Auburn, I was excited for the chance to share some of my Auburn life and send back memories to the Bayou. I was proud to put together a glimpse of Auburn University for over 40 members and parents of the ALBA (The Alba Landscape Beautification Association) Club for Auburn fan and middle school librarian, Mrs. Lana McGuff. The entire day was only possible with the much appreciated help of Dr. Wilson and Mary Afton Day of the College of Liberal Arts’ Community and Civic Engagement Initiative.

We started the day in the College of Architecture and Design Construction where Regina Castillas had an architecture professor and CADC Ambassadors show the students what ALBA’s landscaping passion would look like as a field of study–from the sketches, to the studios, to the classrooms. We looked at different aspects of landscape and horticulture with education in the Davis Arboretum, research at the Old Rotation, and recreation at the Garden of Memory.

The ALBA students got a real taste of college life by eating in the Foy cafeteria, and getting academic advising from Lauren Kume in Cater Hall. We finished the day like any Auburn Tiger would want to–getting to meet Aubie, taking pictures with the Heisman statues at the stadium, and checking out the Auburn Arena store and athletic Hall of Honor.

Lana McGuff and Angela Cleary

To the ALBA Club– even though there was no way to fit in EVERYTHING Auburn means to its students, I hope you enjoyed your visit and learned that Auburn is much more than a football team, or group of random buildings. It is a community where so many things intersect–academics, clubs, projects, people who care, and most importantly school pride. I hope you’ll let me know if there’s ever anything I can do for you, or any questions I can answer. Dream big and create the things you want. I hope some of the things you learned about Auburn you can bring back and use in the Bayou.

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