Oct 27: National Make a Difference Day

The Community and Civic Engagement Student Club celebrated National Make a Difference Day on Saturday, October 27, 2012, with Auburn fans and students from the Lee County Youth Development Center.  Tailgaters painted pumpkins as gifts to local senior citizens, gave color to scores of acorns, and created zen doodles.

Over the course of several weeks this semester, club president Mary Afton Day, Maggie Moore, and Lindsey Steelman challenged LCYDC students to use disposable cameras to photograph  unique things in their world and write a paragraph explaining their photo. Tailgaters from as far away as Texas, Kentucky, and North Carolina viewed their work and appreciated the opportunity to experience their creativity and thoughtfulness.

College of Liberal Arts Alum Trina Crowdus, art teacher and assistant principal at the Chanticleer Learning Center of the LCYDC, congratulated students on their photography and writing. Additional student artwork was on display as well, which showed the variety of skills and styles of art taught at the center.  Mrs. Crowdus and her children brought along their puppy Macy, who was a big hit among all of the young tiger fans.  For nearly all of the LCYDC students, this tailgate experience on the AU campus was their first. But we hope it won’t be their last, and we look forward to future work with LCYDC administrators, teachers, and staff.

LCYDC and CCE Students: Thanks for making a difference!

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