Building Bridges in Macon County: January 10

Twenty-five Macon County eleventh grade students are part of a mentoring program with  Auburn University students and graduate assistant Raven Conwell.  The project is funded in part by the Appalachian Regional Commission, and the work these students do together revolves around workplace and college readiness.  We meet with students at school each week, and we hold meetings every other Tuesday night at the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Highway 81 between Notasulga and Tuskegee.

Students, both college and high school, enjoyed the holiday break, but everyone seemed to be happy to get back into the swing of things.  We have an ambitious spring set of goals: including part-time employment at community organizations; passing graduation exams with flying colors; preparing for and taking the ACT; projects related to our reading of the novel Ollie Miss; and learning about the history and dreaming of the future of Macon County.

But tonight was devoted to playing the game of LIFE, a fun way to think through the costs and consequences of decisions.  The lessons are pretty straightforward: a job with a college education pays more than one without a degree; kids cost money; sometimes life takes unexpected turns and you have to learn to deal with it.

Students received their job assignments for the spring semester, and they’ll have the excellent opportunity to work and learn from mentors at the following locations: Tuskegee University Archives, Macon County-Tuskegee Public Library, Divine Inspiration Ministries, Tuskegee Youth Safe Haven, Macon County Extension, and the Macon County Commission. Nothing can take the place of a first part-time job, and we believe the experience will be invaluable and a critical element of each student’s future success.  Each of the organizations are dedicated to building a Macon County full of citizens work together for the public good.  Each employee and director will shape the lives of these eleventh graders in a meaningful way.

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