Smart Work Ethics: Preparing for the Future

Notasulga Students Participate in a Unique Program to Get Ready for Work

Fifteen eleventh grade students at Notasulga High School are participating in Smart Work Ethics, a certificate program for workplace readiness. The experiential curriculum is designed to help students understand workplace ethics, the soft skills necessary for successful employment.  The course, taught over fourteen sessions, is based on topics developed from business and industry feedback, and they include time management, responsibility, positive attitude, and working in groups.

The course is taught by Dr. Christiana Russell of Auburn University’s Outreach Division, and it is funded in part through a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission as part of the AU College of Liberal Arts Macon County Youth: Entrepreneurs and Problem Solvers program.

The curriculum is very hands-on, with students earning play money throughout the process that can be redeemed for gift certificates distributed at the end of the program.  Role-playing is often used to help important concepts such as etiquette, sexual harassment, and responsibility come alive to students.

 “We’re learning the importance of getting to work on time and how our attitude affects our work,” says student Willie Huffman. “I used to be shy, but this program is helping me talk with others without being afraid. I’m learning that I should always have a positive attitude and not let people with bad attitudes get to me.”

“This program will help students develop good habits now that will carry them into the workforce,” says Ms. Abney, who teaches family and consumer science at Notasulga High.   Program organizers will celebrate the completion of the program in December.


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