Building Bridges in Macon County: AU Campus Visit

Raven Conwell, a 2011 College of Liberal Arts graduate in psychology with a minor in community and civic engagement (one of two first recipients!), is coordinating the Macon County Youth mentoring program, funded in part by a grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. She is currently a graduate student in clinical mental health and counseling education at Auburn University.

On Monday, November 7, 2011 24 out of our 25 students visited Auburn University for a fun and information-filled day. Students, accompanied by Dr. Melvin Lowe from the Macon County Board of Education central office, arrived with looks of curiosity and excitement for what was going to happen. First, we led them first brought to the Student Center, which is the hub for activity for AU students. In the conference room, they were given different presentations about what Auburn and college in general has to offer them.

Their first presentation was from Ms. Dahlia Hylton a graduate assistant from the Minority Recruitment Office. She spoke to the students about the admissions process to college and the different organizations and scholarships that AU offers.

The second presentation was from Mr. Jay Skipworth of Career Development Services.  He spoke to the students about their interests and choosing a major. The students really enjoyed stories about his time in college and how he changed his major four times, which happens to be the statistical average for college students nationwide.

The third presentation was by several National Panhellenic Council organizations that we have here at AU. They each spoke about their organization, and then they allowed questions from the students.

The students were enjoying themselves, but they were definitely hungry by the time lunch rolled around. We took them to one of Auburn’s favorite places: the Eagle’s Nest, the highest point on campus at the top of Haley Center. They enjoyed lunch, as well as the panoramic view.

After lunch the students got to experience something that not many Auburn students get to experience…a stadium tour! They enjoyed getting to see the locker room, especially the locker once held by Cam Newton. Overall, I believe that each student enjoyed their visit and took something away from the trip.







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