Building Bridges in Macon County: September 29

Twenty-five Macon County eleventh grade students are part of a mentoring program with a dozen Auburn University students and graduate assistant Raven Conwell.  The project is funded in part by the Appalachian Regional Commission, and the work these students do together revolves around workplace and college readiness.  We meet each Thursday at the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church on Highway 81 between Notasulga and Tuskegee.

After a delicious meal from Pannie George’s Kitchen (Thanks, Mary!), we revisited the Full Value Contract to allow three new Thursday night participants contribute some words. The group was a bit talkative, so Raven reminded everyone that the contract was always in effect. School rivalry talk was evidently an issue tonight, so a couple of students suggested we add “no rivalry talk” to the contract. The group discussed respect, and Raven asked the group what the solution should be.  A discussion on when the chatter needed to stop was held.

Tonight was resume creation night, and mentors brought their laptop computers to help students develop the resumes they began with the worksheet two weeks ago.  Students will interview for part-time jobs to begin work in January.  After working on resumes for a while, Raven led the group in a session on cover letter writing. “This is one way of saying, ‘Hey, I’m the best person for this job.’”

“I’m looking forward to getting a part-time job in January, so that I can more experienced with working with others,” said Kiara. “Eventually, I’d like to be working in criminology, because it seems very interesting and worthwhile.” Most adults are shaped by their first part-time job, whether it’s in a restaurant, store, or office. And having a little pocket change as a teenager is not bad either.


















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