Building Bridges in Macon County: September 22

Tonight before dinner, Ashley, our fearless outdoors adventurer, hiked down to the creek that runs along Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church to bottle some water for a future meeting when Dr. Bill Deutsch of AU will teach us how to test water.  We’re looking forward to learning about watersheds and the role of the creek that we pass each Thursday night.

We sang happy birthday to Desiree and enjoyed some birthday cake, a nice treat before Raven led the group in a personality test called True Colors.  The test asks you to rank four sets of words according to how they reflect your personality.  Then you add the rankings and determine whether you are one of four colors: Orange, Blue, Gold, and Green.  Each color represents a personality type, and students discussed each designation and how they related to it.

Then Raven divided the group into two teams, mixing up the colors so that no group was dominated by any particular color.  Each team received two packets of balloons, and she instructed them to build a balloon tower.  The goal was to build a tower by tying balloons together to form a base, then adding levels one by one.  The debrief of the activity was about how personalities affect group work and team relationships.  We each have our strengths and preferences for how we do what we do.

Next week our group will work on creating resumes using the resume worksheet we developed last week.


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